Announcement: Court will be moving to Winchester following 14 November 1158.

After the untimely death of the King's brother, it is even more imperative that King Eustace secure his dynasty. With his only heir dead, and the hope of the Blesevins now resting on an unborn child, their cause is more vulnerable than ever. Will the King stand up to the challenge, or will the Angevins seize the initiative to take back England once more.

Join the action soon! We are currently planning on opening up the exiled Angevin court. We are carefully putting together canon list covering Angevin-controlled and contested territory in France. France proper, and the court of Louis VII will remain under 'fog of war'.

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Catch up on the latest news regarding the RPG and also suggest ideas or give feedback.

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13 30 May 19 2018, 09:07 PM
In: Board Updates
By: OC.
No New Posts Rules and Information
The first stop on your Saints Sleep tour. Find everything you need to know about our world here including: Rules, FAQ, Newbie Guide, Faceclaim, Who’s Who, Informational topics and our Canons .

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12 9 Mar 24 2018, 05:43 PM
In: Site Plot
By: Sara

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The first step to beginning your medieval journey is to submit an application for your character. Only once the application is approved can you begin to roleplay here.

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3 3 Yesterday at 05:50 pm
In: Montgriffon, Daniel
By: OC.
No New Posts Wanted
Do you seek a special character for your roleplay? Or perhaps you'd like to see what characters are needed? Pop in and have a gander!

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6 0 May 9 2018, 12:12 PM
In: per ardua
By: Maud of Gloucester
No New Posts Current Characters
A place to read about the current characters in world. Once your application has been accepted, it will be moved here. You can continue to update your character's profile as they embark on their adventures.

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34 32 Yesterday at 10:30 am
In: de Vermandois, Elisabeth
By: OC.
No New Posts Previous Characters
A place to find previous characters... What is left of them.

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13 5 Apr 1 2018, 10:26 PM
In: Marie of Bloise
By: [archived] Marie of Blois

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No New Posts Correspondence
A place to write letters, journals and diary entries.

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54 61 May 19 2018, 02:06 AM
In: To Henry FitzEmpress
By: Richard de Reviers
No New Posts The Past
Turn back the clock and explore your characters past.

17 143 Yesterday at 03:31 pm
In: go to the crows
By: Isabel de Warenne

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No New Posts Peace of 1158
As the Anglo-Scottish War draws to an end in October 1158, both courts meet to celebrate the signing of a treaty. A feast is held on 9 October 1158, though both courts will likely remain for a limited time afterwards. Join the group thread, or feel free to start your own!
7 74 Apr 24 2018, 08:02 PM
In: The Morning After
By: Malcolm IV
No New Posts The Royal Wedding
Join court in Winchester to celebrate the union of Margaret of Flanders and King Eustace I on the Feast of St Stephen, 26th of December, 1158.
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No New Posts Previous Events
A place for all previous and finished events.
Subforums: Anglo-Scottish War, Yuletide Events - 1157

10 156 Feb 9 2018, 10:41 PM
In: The Sack of Berwick
By: Donnchad II of Fife

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No New Posts Winchester
The former Anglo-Saxon capital of England, and the seat of the legendary King Alfred the Great, Winchester used to be a major political and cultural centre for the English, with it's prestigious cathedral, royal palace, mint, and centres of learning - as well as other innovations, such as the Lockburn drain to wash waste far away from the city.

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24 276 May 18 2018, 05:05 PM
In: Grief Despairs
By: Marie of Blois
No New Posts London
London is by far the largest city in the British Isles. One of the first acts of William the Conqueror, upon being crowned after his victory at Hastings - was to grant a charter guaranteeing the many rights and privileges the city had enjoyed under Saxon rules. It is an economic powerhouse, a thriving centre of trade and industry. It is a major military stronghold, defended - or perhaps dominated - by immense Norman castles: the Tower of London. Baynard's Castle. Montfichet's Tower.

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88 937 Yesterday at 02:51 pm
In: Demure and Respectful
By: William de Mandeville
No New Posts York
If London may claim to be the de-facto capital of England, then ancient York is undoubtedly its second city. It has a long history, and a proud one; two Roman Emperors set up their court here, and it was on the site of the city's great Minster that the legions of Rome declared Constantine the Great as Emperor. It served for a time as the capital of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria, becoming a seat of learning and culture admired from as far afield as the court of Charlemagne. Under the Danes it became the propserous centre of the independent Viking Kingdom of Jorvik. This pedigree of power and wealth has given the Yorkshiremen a fiercely independent bent, for which they paid dearly under William the Conqueror.

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7 46 Dec 5 2017, 01:07 AM
In: to love, cherish, and obey
By: Margaret de Beaumont
No New Posts Durham
The City of Durham is one of the great religious centres of the North. The spectacular Norman cathedral, perched high above the River Wear, boasts the shrines of not one but two great English saints - the Venerable Bede, and Saint Cuthbert - and pilgrims come from miles around in the hopes of procuring a miracle from one or the other of these holy men... and contribute generously to the Cathedral's clergy in return.

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5 51 Apr 27 2018, 06:10 AM
In: An Infuriating Reunion
By: Sybil de Clare
No New Posts Hereford
Hereford is a true border town. The name itself - Hereford - derives from the Anglo-Saxon term for a ford used by an army - literally the point at which English armies crossed the River Wye. It is a city which owes much of its importance to conflict, for English and Welsh armies have clashed beneath Hereford's walls since time immemorial.

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1 0 Feb 20 2017, 04:50 AM
In: Bydd bendith ar ffrwyth dy ...
By: Sybil de Clare
No New Posts Canterbury
Canterbury might have remained a backwater but for the Church. The city fell into severe decline after the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the fifth century, being abandoned by its mercenary guards to the mercy of the invading Jutes and Anglo-Saxons. It was not until Christianity returned to England in 597AD, with the Gregorian Mission, that Canterbury's fortunes revived, for it was here that Saint Augustine chose to base his See in Kent, the headquarters for his efforts to win back the British Isles to the Catholic faith.

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No New Posts Dover
There has been a port at Dover since Roman times. Portus Dubris, as it was known then, was one of the busiest ports in Britannia, the main corridor by which the Romans brought troops and goods into the country, and by virtue of its close proximity to France it has remained the effective gateway to England from the continent ever since. Perhaps the most prominent of the so-called "Cinque Ports" - five ports on the south coast - its strategic location has brought Dover considerable wealth and prestige. The cliffs overlooking the town have been fortified for as long as anyone can remember; the present Norman castle is merely the replacement for an earlier Saxon fortress, and the Romans themselves may have built a fort on this site.

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In: ----
No New Posts Elsewhere
For anywhere else in England that takes your fancy. Whether it's a lush woodland, a grotty village or a location best left undisclosed.

4 26 Yesterday at 03:31 pm
In: A Storm Inside
By: Richard de Clare

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No New Posts Scotland
There is no unified Kingdom of Scotland to speak of; anymore than a distinct, unified Scottish people. The realm to the north of England is a patchwork of different cultures, ethnicities and langua

ges; to many of the Highland clans the "King" is a distant figure whose authority means little at best; in the myriad islands around the west and northern coasts they know no King at all, instead acknowledging the power of the Lord of the Isles, or even the King of far-off Norway. Language is not much more of a unifying factor either; Gaelic is spoken by a majority of the people, but depending where you are you may find yourself conversing in Cumbric, Norwegian or even English... or in the royal court, French.

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11 128 May 19 2018, 08:40 AM
In: An Errand Interrupted
By: Heloise Ower
No New Posts Wales & The Marches
Wales is a turbulent place in the 12th century. A collection of squabbling Kingdoms, principalities and Norman, Marcher lands, Wales is a tumultuous landscape where everybody must fight for their place, titles and right to survive.

Forum Led by: Ida de Coucy
3 32 May 13 2018, 09:28 AM
In: A Family Affair
By: Richard de Clare
No New Posts France
At present, France is a concept rather than a country. From his throne in Paris, King Louis VII of the House of Capet does not rule over a Kingdom, so much as a loose patchwork of autonomous duchies and counties which owe him only a nominal homage as their liege lord. By rights the great nobles of France are his vassals, sworn to serve him, but in truth the majority are Kings in their own domains, doing as they please, passing their own laws and pursuing their own agendas.

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16 81 Yesterday at 12:41 pm
In: A Beginning in France
By: Geoffrey FitzEmpress
No New Posts Italy
Once the seat of largest Empire the world has yet seen, Italy has fallen far since the Dark Ages. Where there was once unity, now there lies an impenetrable patchwork of feuding and constantly shifting city-states, principalities and republics, forever vying for political and economic supremacy.

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2 0 Nov 9 2017, 12:44 PM
In: Tu Es Petrus
By: Pope Adrian IV

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A place to spread the word and advertise your wares!

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620 16 May 19 2018, 02:58 PM
In: Feles, a warriors rp!
By: Fern

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